When you are trying to pick the right color for your hair, you need to remember your facial shape. When you take into consideration your facial shape, you and your stylist can work together to accentuate your facial strengths or minimize your facial weaknesses.  You should always have a full consultation with your stylist in order to receive the most out of your color change.



You have almost unending haircolor options when you have an oval shaped face.
You should try to avoid accentuating the length with highlights.



You should darken your color at your forehead.
You should lighten or highlight your hair from your temple down to the jaw.



You should highlight or lighten your hair at your temples, forehead, ears and jawline.


Inverted Triangle / Heart

You should darken the hair in the crown area and temples.
Lighten up your hair from the bottom of your ears down to the top of your chin.



You should have a lighter color or highlights around your forehead.
Keep your hair darker from the ears down.



You should darken your color around your hairline.



You should darken the haircolor at the cheekbones and jawline.
Highlight above your forehead to enlongate your face.


Preparing for your big day is always stressful.  You have to make sure you pick your perfect dress, your perfect veil, your perfect shoes and jewelry and of course, your perfect hair style.  Let us take some of that pressure away by helping you pick the perfect style for your big day.  While you and your bridesmaids are getting your hair done that day, you should be able to enjoy yourselves in the moment, and reminisce about the great things you have all experienced together and all that your going to experience. Here are few tips that you may want to follow:

Make sure that you speak to your stylist early to set up a plan to get your hair in the condition, length and color that you are looking for, for your wedding day.

  • Pick your gown and let your hair match what your individual style is. Don’t try to be anything but the bride that you are.
  • You want to make sure that you have your last chemical service(s) no closer than 1 week before your day.  This is to insure that your desires are achieved for your wedding day.
  • Your hair will look the best it can by having some simple that you have your last chemical service(s) no closer than 1 week before your day. This is to insure you want to make sure that what you want for your wedding day is achieved.
  • Set up a consultation for your wedding style with your stylist approximately 6 weeks prior to your wedding day.
  • Bring pictures of what you like or dislike.
  • Have a picture of your dress so that your stylist is able to accent the beauty of the dress and not take away from it.
  • Bring your head piece with you so that you can discuss where/how you would like it to be placed.  Let your stylist know if you are planning to leave your head piece in for the whole day or just the ceremony.  This is extremely important in order to determine how to structure your hair in order to keep your head piece secure.

We would love you help make your wedding day special for you.  All you need to do is click HERE and fill out our Bridal Party Form, then let us do the rest!

Are You Looking For More Volume?

First, make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner that is not too heavy for your hair type.

Next, use a volumizing styling product, such as Eufora’s Volume Fusion Spray or Whipped Styling Solution.

Then, make sure that you blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that you would like it to fall.

Next, get out your round brush and section your hair.  While round brushing, remember to use your “cool shot” button on your blow dryer to cool the hair at the root which will set the hair in the form you would like.

Finally, when spraying your hair with Eufora’s Elevate Hairspray or Bed Head’s Masterpiece Hairspray, mist the spray toward the root of your hair so that the hairspray sets the root and doesn’t just lay on the top of the hair to weigh it down.

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