When you are trying to pick the right color for your hair, you need to remember your facial shape. When you take into consideration your facial shape, you and your stylist can work together to accentuate your facial strengths or minimize your facial weaknesses.  You should always have a full consultation with your stylist in order to receive the most out of your color change.



You have almost unending haircolor options when you have an oval shaped face.
You should try to avoid accentuating the length with highlights.



You should darken your color at your forehead.
You should lighten or highlight your hair from your temple down to the jaw.



You should highlight or lighten your hair at your temples, forehead, ears and jawline.


Inverted Triangle / Heart

You should darken the hair in the crown area and temples.
Lighten up your hair from the bottom of your ears down to the top of your chin.



You should have a lighter color or highlights around your forehead.
Keep your hair darker from the ears down.



You should darken your color around your hairline.



You should darken the haircolor at the cheekbones and jawline.
Highlight above your forehead to enlongate your face.


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