Just like when you are trying to pick the right color for your facial shape, you need to also take into consideration your facial shape when you are picking out your new haircut. Again, you and your stylist can work together to accentuate your facial strengths or minimize your facial weaknesses. You should always have a full consultation with your stylist in order to receive the most out of your new style.

Almost any style will work great with this facial shape. Diagonal lines will create an illusion of length.  You want to avoid horizontal lines.  You want to make sure that you stay away from styles and accessories that will give the appearance of unbalance because this will make your face appear longer.

You want to minimize fullness at the sides and concentrate fullness above the ears.
Diagonal lines will create an illusion of length.
You want to avoid horizontal lines and a full, straight fringe.

You want to keep length longer and below the jaw.
To soften the square shape use an asymmetrical fringe (side swept bang) or waves at the temples.
Concentrate fullness at the crown.
Stay away from horizontal lines which will create the appearance of a wider face.

Shorter hairstyles work best.
For longer lengths, keep your hair well below your jawline.
Keep your hair more sleek, less full, around your jaw.
You want to create width in the crown and bang areas.

Inverted Triangle
You want to keep your hair jaw length or longer.
Keep the area around your jaw fuller.
Keep away from a heavy bang and crown area.

Keep the sides of your style sleek and close.
You want your fullness to be in your crown area and below your ears.

The best lengths are midlength.
You want to create framing around the face for softness.
A full bang will take away the appearance of length to your face.
You do not want to have shoulder length hair unless it’s full at the sides and gradually goes from short to long.

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